Constructors in C#

This article explains about Constructors, types of Constructors and why we need Constructors in a class. Every class requires a constructor to create a instance of that class. It is a special method present in the class. To initialize the variables of the class, we need Constructor. The name of the constructor should be same … Continue reading Constructors in C#

Remove Last Node from the List

Given a Linked List, we need to remove the last node or last element from the List. Input : 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 Output : 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 Straight Forward Approach 1)Check the edge cases Checking the edge cases is crucial in programming world. It is … Continue reading Remove Last Node from the List

Reverse string in C#

Hi Geeks! This is a little pretty interesting question. How to reverse the string in C#? There are different ways available in C# to reverse the string. In this article, I'm going to discuss with you. Come on, Let's examine that different ways. Input: "Developers Inspired" Output: "deripnsI srepoleveD" Our input and output is above😍 … Continue reading Reverse string in C#

Multidimensional Arrays in C#

These are special types of arrays. It is very useful when you want to deal with the data that is grid-like in nature. Declaring and initializing the two dimensional array is simple. We have to put "," inside the square bracket. One comma between the square bracket indicates 2D array. Two commas between the square … Continue reading Multidimensional Arrays in C#

Copying Arrays in C#

Arrays offer very rich functionality in terms of methods and properties to perform higher level tasks. In this article, we going to see about very popular and important method in Arrays. Array implements many methods and properties itself, so that we can do copying the array, rearranging the elements in it and finding particular elements. … Continue reading Copying Arrays in C#

C# Arrays

Array is a data structure. Array is used to store collection of data. We can store the integers, strings, decimal values in an array. It stores the values in continuous memory location. An array has fixed size in nature. By using index we can access the array elements. The lowest index indicates the first element … Continue reading C# Arrays

History of C#

Do you want to know the interesting history of C#?

How to Improve Programming Skills?

Basically, you have to understand, programming is easy when it's followed by proper guidance and practice. Constant practice makes you a master in this field. Be consistent in practice then you will see result. There are many resources available in online to develop your programming skills. I'm going to share the important resources which are very useful and … Continue reading How to Improve Programming Skills?