2020 – Consistency is the Key

I always used to say, consistency is the key to success. We going to practice the consistency in programming.

Why Consistency in programming?

Today, in the IT industry, majority of people don’t have good command over the subject. Recent studies proven that, there is huge chuck of software engineers are unfit for software development jobs.

To solve this, as a developer we must have a strong skill over DS and Algorithms. It may be any language.

I’m happy to say that, in the upcoming days, I’m gonna to make a algorithm tutorials. Everyday we going to solve one problem with detailed explanations. I encourage everyone to join with me.

May be most of them will argue, only ds and algorithms is not enough. Yes I agree that, I’m going to cover from basic level. So I have chosen Ds and Algorithms as basic level.

I believe, solving one problem daily will consistently improve your programming skills which is essentially needed now.

At weekend we focus more problems and weekdays we will solve only one problem.

What are the things I’m going to cover?




Dynamic Programming

Hash Table


Binary Search


Breadth First Search

Depth First Search



Bit Manipulation

Two Pointers







Union Find

Sliding Window

Divide and Conquer



Segment Trees

Ordered Map

Binary Indexed Tree

Topological Sort

Design Patterns

Our aim is to master in all these data structures.

The resources i’m using to solve problems from Leetcode community.

Leetcode is one the best platform for practicing ds and algorithms problems. It has more than 1300 problems.

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